Ah!!! Today was a good day!

After so many weeks of trying to hitch a sponsor for our staff retreat this Saturday, we finally get a "YES". Got a call from my contact in the sponsor company yesterday saying their Regional Manager was in town and would love to meet with my MD today. Dashed to her office to break the news to her and she immediately lit up!

This was what we had all been expecting for a long time. We both checked our budget and any other thing that we would need to present, crossed our T's, dotted our I's, we were ready.

The sponsor company team came in today, all looking like fresh mint one thousand naira notes. The thee of them (Regional Manager inclusive) with just my MD and I. After the formal introductions were made and few jokes cracked, we all sat down for the main "gbedu". My MD talked a bit about our program, the prospects of being a partner and basically what they stand to gain both in the short and long run. Then she hands over the baton to me saying, " Nkem will tell you more about our project and how you can key into this".

Sometimes situations will arise when you feel like you don’t fit into what you do, times will come when the monotony of the job you do makes you wish for something different. While that may be time to re-evaluate and probably re-invent yourself, it's no time for you to devalue what you have at that point in time.

God sure knows what He's doing! Where you are today is an avenue to where He's taking you to. You might look around you and wonder what good can come out of your current position but that’s not your concern. It's God's job to turn your stones to studs, so let Him! All you have to do is take pride in doing the little things because they turn out to be what matter,  make use of every opportunity that comes your way, do the best you can while trusting God to do the rest.

Two months preparation for this presentation was summarized in ten minutes. The late nights spent compiling reports, scolding's from my MD, my social time cut short with friends and movie nights with the family. All this I poured into this today and during those minutes, the "tigress" showed her claws. Throughout the presentation, the Regional Manager kept nodding and the other team members were scribbling away. As for my MD, she had this proud look that said "I trained her".

I see them out to the reception after the meeting and the Regional Manager says to me, " Great presentation Nkem and your passion for your company is remarkable. We'll definitely be talking to you soon because our company needs your kind of expertise"

I was being poached!

About two hours later, the call from my contact comes in. Our proposal has been approved.

Proverbs 22:29 - Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before Kings; he will not serve before obscure men.


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