Hi there!

So for the next 30 days, I will be sharing with you an amazing journey into the life of my very dear friend, sister, leader, accounting professional and soon to be chorister, Nkembuch Melaugha

I hope you find each day interesting and challenging.

This would only be shared in the evenings

So welcome to Nkem's Musings


DAY 1…The beginning

I looked through my list yesterday and the plan to "Reach out to at least 500 people for God" which is one of the goals to be achieved before my next birthday is quite daunting. Decided yesterday to simplify it so it can be more achievable. I've thought of several titles and came up with "Inspire 30 people in 30 days". This means I have to write something everyday for the 30 days?! Ha!

I'm not sure about the outcome of this considering I have not written in a while, February to be precise. Where do I even start from? How exactly do I inspire people sef? What will I write about? If I'm going to do this, today might as well  be my practice day.

Something tells me to just live and write. Make the little things count. Talk to some friends if they would like to share experiences, be extremely vigilant all through the day.

This will be tough o! What time would I set aside for this? Am I sure this is possible? God, abeg guide me. I really want to do this but I'm so chicken right now. The timing especially will nearly kill me!! Plus I have to drop something for each day?!!!

Won't overthink this. Anything that I can do, I'll do. Anywhere I stop, I stop. At least I would say that I tried.

Meanwhile, dropping a Bible verse at the end of each post, would just be fine.


Jesus-Lover. Nature-buff. Social Entrepreneur. Business Doctor. Blogger. Youth Leader. I keep changing. For now, this is ME.

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  1. I believe in your inspirational way of thinking and talking. So am sure your beginning was even inspiring already, so ride on jooo.

    Sweet heart