I have been in a mood funk all day. For some reason I had this heaviness in my heart. Prayed about it of course and then talked to two friends about it. Whilst one sings for me and encourages me with God's words, the other sends a delivery of cupcakes and ice cream with a note which reads "For your low sugar level". I know I am blessed. One doesn’t get so lucky with friends like these. I'm feeling much better minutes later but still that heaviness continues.

I decide to leave the office early. Maybe sleep would do me much good. I honestly have nothing to share or inspiration to dish out and I tell God to just have His way. I want to keep my promise to Him this May but this is the quintessential of the spirit being willing and the body weak.

I'm tucked in for bed at 9pm, gradually dozing off when my phone rings. I answer the call without waiting for Truecaller to identify the caller, all I know is it’s a foreign number, probably American.
"Hey Bubba, I'm in" the caller says. I recognize the voice immediately. This is my childhood friend who has refused to drop the name I was called growing up, one that was given to me because of my incessant love for bubbles, one of the many nick names that has refused to go away. "Yup, in where?" I look at the phone again and confirm that it's a foreign number. She obviously can't be in Nigeria now so I ask her how come she's in here and calling me with a foreign number. "Abeg abeg wake up, I'm innn Nkem, NASA called today", she says. It takes me a while to digest this and then I'm screaming everywhere round the house. My friend is laughing, crying on the phone. After my theatrics, I'm seated on the floor by my bed while she relieves the story.

I'm often reminded that whatever you think about can be achieved. I am fortunate to have been gifted with a good number of prodigy's as friends. Young people who do stuff at ages way above expectations. The word impossible doesn’t just exist to them! Their faith is so on high and their belief that absolutely everything can be done just amazes me all the time.

I learnt from them that whatever you have conceived in your mind, you can do with your hands. I learnt from them that God was clearly serious about nothing being impossible with Him. Like one would tell me "Do you know what it is for God to breathe life into you? The life we live is God's breath in us, don’t waste it". The lyrics to a song I love says that it's the same power that raised Jesus from the dead that is in you. I wonder how that kind of power can be resident in you and then lay fallow doing absolutely nothing?

For my friend her dream came true today. A dream she had over 20 years ago to be a space scientist. After all the challenges she had been through, especially as a 'young african female' in a white dominated field, it happened today! I always wondered if she was dropped on her head as a child because no one ever thought she'd keep true to her dreams. What is your business to go to Mars or Pluto, we would ask her?

She sends her contract to me and I'm in shock. Her remuneration is called stipend and I laugh "You know the tithe of your stipend is four times my take home salary right? We both laugh, pray and just gist generally before we decide to call it a night. Now I know why my heart was heavy. It was preparing me for this.

Don’t give up on your dreams, they are yours for a reason!

Phil 4:13- I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Psa 82:6 - I said, "You are gods, you are all sons of the Most High"


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