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I am sure we are familiar the popular maxim ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. Well, that is because Friends are conducio sine qua non for survival on our planet earth. A friend is a person with whom we a well acquainted and regard with affection and trust. Friendship is what makes the world go round; whether political, social or even educational.

Perhaps after family, friends are the most important set of people closest to the heart, a handy tool for the journey of life. But then, how precious are friends to us, how much time and space do friends have in the daily schedule of our lives?  These and more questions today shape the nature of relationships we find ourselves in.

Indeed, friendship is quite essential for our survivals as it has even be said [and even proven many times over] that some friends are better and more reliable than family members. [I expect some disagreements here], but perhaps a personal introspection will help you find some truths in the above statements.

Now to the crux of the matter, depending on the stage of your relationship [acquaintanceship, friendship, intimacy], you may have definitely come across a lot of people and like someone once said, they have either been a blessing or a lesson. But I ask, how and why do people either become a blessing or a lesson for us? How did we allow them to get to the stage of even becoming lessons when they cannot be blessings? Rhetorical as it sounds; it still throws up another question, how much of your ‘ear time’ do you give to people?

Yes, Ear Time! What do you listen to, how much of your time do you invest to build up friendships? Is it reciprocal, what are the dynamics and attributes of your relationship with friends? What do they tell you, what do you choose to listen to, how much of their information do you accept? In my first year as an undergraduate student of politics at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Southeast Nigeria, I took some Mass Communication classes and there, I was introduced into the world of Gate keeping.

Now this concept simply state that there are Gate Keepers at each stage of the Communication Matrix who determine the worthiness of the information before circulation. Call it censorship and you will not be out of place. Juxtapose this with the current handling of information in our world today and you will get a clearer picture for your personal understanding.

So what impact do friends have in our lives and what roles do we assign to them when we allow them into our lives? When you choose your friends or you allow them do the choosing, there is now exist a connection - whether it is symbiotic or parasitic is up to you.

Image result for Listening imagesEarlier this week, we looked at the weight and power of words, and how we allow people’s conception of us affect us emotionally. Today, I am asking, how much time do you allot to each person in your life? Does friendship have an expiry date that will make us confine some people into the pages of expired history, or, are some friends an experience story that must be relished every now and then?

They say, never make people a priority when they don’t even make you an option. As you step out into today, take out time to measure the ear time you give to people and how much you get in return, and then you will know that there is a difference between hearing and listening because one comes with a price – to pay attention.

It is the midyear, time to take stock and know evaluate. How much ear time do you want to give to those who do not make impact in your life? What kind of ‘friends’ should stay and which should go? In as much as friendship lubricates the wheel of our existence, there are those inimical to our survival.

A caveat though, in your journey to self-rediscovery and in determining who should become an expired history and an experience story, you will be tagged a snob, arrogant and proud. Yes, please accept such labeling but do that which is good for your heart and soul.

Always Believe in What You Do and Do What You Believe In. God Bless you plenty!
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  1. Friend are major determinants of our future!

  2. True friends are scarce these days. But maybe we might find true friends if we are true friends ourselves. A true friend might be the most annoying of your friends but will be your mirror and tell you the truth no matter what.

    1. In truth Oge, but how patient can we be, to see through the annoyance into the good?

    2. Spot o @ Oge!
      Ojisi, we can be as patient as patience itself!

    3. Spot on @ Oge!
      @ Ojisi, we can be as patient as patience itself!

    4. Well Voby, I agree we can be patient as patience itself, but ask yourself, how many are willing to be patient in this world of uber speed?