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"Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons".  Michael Jackson.

One of the greatest lie ever told since the beginning of time came from the Jewish people as recorded in the Bible. It's a simple lie, which at that time ran in sprints. It was that Jesus never rose from the dead, that his body was stolen by his disciples.

In the movie "Risen", we see the extent to which they went even in convincing Pilate for a second time in three days to do the unthinkable. First the Sanhedrin made him crucify Jesus on Good Friday, and then just the early Sunday morning after they had still made Pilate seal the grave, they came with the malicious accusation of the body theft.

Because they were in power, the falsehood spread. Pilate ordered the exhumation of bodies buried within the week of Jesus' crucifixion. The whole exercise was led by the Tribune who in his quest for truth received conversion and salvation.
The same goes for our day to day life. We tell lies just to preserve and protect our ego. These lies enjoy a limited life span but the fact is no matter how we try to bury them, it rears it's head and stays upright. Truth is life according to the Igbos. So if truth is life, why engage in lies without any gains?

But dear friends, there is something that makes the mentality strong succeed in their endeavors; it is truth and honesty for even among thieves there is honor. The mentally strong cultivates truth as a habit and ensures that he never goes short of it even if he plays smart at times, he understands the power of truths and the effects to his business. Lies can only last for a time but truth is eternal and it is because of this that the honest man succeeds because he is honest and fair in his dealings with others, which builds his goodwill and attracts more customers thus increasing his profits.
Image result for images for truthYes People can go any length to spread lies, and like wide fire it would spread quickly, beating even Usain Bolt in a hundred meters dash. But the question is can it stand the test of time,  does it endure? Truth survives even the most wicked manipulations of men.
Ask your self, "like the river, can lies survive?" Your guess is as good as mine.


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