Between compliments and complements


One of the five languages of love according to Dr Gary Chapman is "Words of Affirmation or Affection"
Everyday, People need compliments to keep them going. They need you to let them know how well appreciated they are. Whether it's family, workplace, politics or in volunteering, people need to know they are accepted, accommodated and appreciated. They need to feel loved! 

Yes the whole essence of every relationship whether business, emotional or social is to complement each others strength and weaknesses, thus to enjoy full complements, there must be a corresponding established compliments. 

People are to be loved and not used. Things are meant to be used and not loved, hence our current problems in our world today can be attributed to the misapplication of priorities and affections. 

Never miss any opportunity to compliment your spouse or people who do things for you because if you fail to speak their language which "words of Affirmation or Affection" then you can't get the best out of them.  It is imperative we do so, to spur more action. 

Image result for images love languagesEveryone has got a different love language be it ""Words of Affirmation or Affection", "Gifts",  "Quality Time", "Physical Touch" or "Acts of Service". No matter the language, everyone loves to be encouraged so speak Words of Encouragement to people.

Thank you, Well done, great job, I love you, I miss you, you are beautiful, you are one in a million, what could I have done without you... 

These are words to ignite the motivation in people to do more! 

Stop loving things, love people!


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