What happens when Greed is the new Need?


Image result for images for greedHave you ever bought an item and then get home to find that it is substandard, expired or even out rightly bad? Have you ever been diagnosed of poison owing to what you ate? Or even incurred certain reactions due the use of some items soaps, creams, etc.?

We live in a world where the capitalist maxim dog eats dog [even man eats man] holds sway. The import of this is that man must do anything to earn money. This trend has even been promoted with the concept of globalization where some countries [especially African countries] have become dumping grounds for toxic waste in the name of products.

When Walter Rodney wrote his classic How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, the focus through colonialism, West impoverished the African continent; enslaving her people and carting away her natural resources to build its industries back home.

Now many years after that book was written in 1976, African no longer talks about colonialism but neo colonialism, imperialism the impact of Multinational Corporation etc.

My point? We live in an era where Africans are Under developing Africa! But enough all the socio-political theoretical constructions, assumptions and generalizations, let us look at the matter at hand.

We live in a world of growing inequalities between the mindlessly rich and the hopelessly poor, where one percent of the population control 80% of the Nation's wealth. We live in a Society where the gender agenda is still a topical issue debated across the globe, where we recognize the invaluable contributions of women to National and global development but yet are not disposed to engage them in that developmental process.

In Nigeria, we continue to experience the exploitative nature of business men and women. The late Prof. Dora Akunyili during her stint as DG NAFDAC was very emphatic in her quest to sanitize the drug industry. While she did achieve a lot, the reverse can be said of NAFDAC in this current dispensation. Our penchants for self-aggrandizement continue to stimulate our cunning nature, drive our cheating and fuel our greed.

Yes, our greed!

It is this greed that has now become our new need, pushing us to cut corners, and do things in half measures. From the garri seller at the markets, who use beat up the measuring pans, to the importers of goods from China and elsewhere who cut down on the standard of such goods to shore up their profits to the detriment of unsuspecting clients and customers; those who sell chalks in the name of medicines. Not forgetting the fuel stations that continue to cheat the public by adjusting their pumps.

Daily we hear of millions of dollars, billions of Naira being stolen, misappropriated or even missing [it makes me seek]. This shows that the greed of our people continue to increase all in a bid to satisfy ‘their growing needs’. 

Image result for images for greedSomeone once said that Nigeria has enough resources and wealth for everyone’s needs and not everyone’s greed, hence the abject poverty we find ourselves in.

Call it the paradox of want in the midst of plenty and you won’t be wrong.

It is our collective greed that leads to our collective state of poverty. We have enough to go round everyone with regards to our commonwealth. We are a blessed country and the only way we all can benefit from God's manifold blessings is when we learn to share, to give and to bless others as God has blessed us. Nigeria has been blessed to meet everyone's needs and not everyone's greed.

Half measures kill people, destroy destinies; promotes and sustains mediocrity.

Be contented with what you have! Have a sense of Christian Charity and be Spiritually Sensitive


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