Why this book is a must read for all seeking to know the real African History [Book Review]


The Happy Devil Has Fallen - Chigbolumogu Izu
Pages – 370
Genre – Historical  / Science –Fiction Novel

The book is sure to get you glued from the first page to the end. It tells you about the history of Africa like never before, quiet unlike the others you have read in history books. It chronicles a 24 hour sequence of events while beautifully unraveling rich African history.

It centers on Ikeofo, a scientist who researches on paranormal and extra-terrestrial activities and also on how mankind can achieve a longer life span, or possible immortality, encounters the most paranormal occurrence of his career when someone appears on the media and claims to be the ancient Herodotus, the world acclaimed man of history, and who existed two thousand five hundred years ago. He claimed to have been alive all these while in an extra-terrestrial planet, and the world was further thrown into amazement and fear when he presented evidences that support some of his claims. If his claims were to be true, how did he survive for that long? How come the extra-terrestrial world exists and man with all their scientific and technological advancements did not know it? Does his strange phenomenon endanger the earth, especially the possibility of alien invasion? Why did he make himself known now after all these years?

Now, he called for a world conference to clarify things to an already agitated human populace amidst a military coalition of all earth nations under the U.N., in a coordinated effort to defend the earth against any possible external threat. But during the conference he exposes a deadly conspiracy that was about to kill over seven billion people, orchestrated by a secret organization in alliance with some human-like aliens who infiltrated the earth after World War II. By the end of the conference day one, more breath taking secrets were discovered, other secretes about African political, economic, religious and social history in relation to the world of Asia, Europe and America were uncovered; more intrigues occurred, and the world was more agitated than they had been at the beginning of the day, as these secretes proofs that most things we have come to know and believe of our world are not really what they seem to be. Interesting, humorous, informing and almost unbelievable, the world will never forget ‘conference day one’.

In the book, the author argues that of a truth, “It has become a common knowledge with seemingly strong evidences that Africa is a land of witches, wizards and dark magic, even the Africans will tell you that their land and the people in it are demonic, evil and wicked. Everybody seems to know for sure that Africa is poor, backward, underdeveloped, wild and savage, a calamity brought upon them by their inherit evil, and corruption that have eaten deep into the fabrics of the continent. Nevertheless, nobody should blame the Africans since they are an inferior race by nature, and are well endowed with ignorance and limited intellectual ability in handling their challenges.”

He further notes the danger in the Africans story as told by foreigners form the one sided perspective. “That’s why where ever you see them, they are always poor, hungry and begging, or committing one violent crime or the other, just as characterized their barbaric nature. Only few have distinguished themselves by struggling to attain superiority by emulating the more intellectually pre-eminent white people; those are the ones worthy to be called two third of humans, the rest are a little better than their ape cousins back in the jungle they call home.”

He believes that “the African recent forefathers who fought for independence by claiming to be as capable as their white masters, have seen how they deceived themselves and innumerable Africans into calamity; and now, the recent children of Africa are more aware of their inferiority than their forefathers had been. Their unanimous acknowledgement of their inferiority can be seen how they are awed by the advancements of the Western world, and sing praises how the ingenuity of the white race have brought tremendous benefit to humanity. The young African generation question the concept that civilization started in Africa just because it started in Egypt, because aside Egypt what else has the Africans done right?”

He strongly asserts the superiority of the African civilization when he enumerates the accomplishments of the African people. “Now let’s see what the Africans have achieved. Starting from the early times, everybody were black and African, the pale coloured skin of the white people only came to be when some black people migrated from Africa, and began to adapt to different temperate regions of the world. As much as the Africans in Egypt were civilized, lots of the civilizations were introduced from other parts of Africa who got civilized before them. They can be credited for being the most popular of the ancient civilizations in modern times, but the pyramid construction actually started from the African interior thousands of years before the Egyptians ever began to reason it.”

“Human language and writing were invented by the Africans; Chemistry, physics, mathematics, algebra were also invented by them when the rest of the world were still intellectually incompetent. Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and other renowned Greek philosophers, learnt their philosophy from African philosophies. The Africans embraced the gospel of Christ even before Rome ever heard of the name Christ, and it was through the African endeavour that many parts of Europe came to hear about Christ. Administrative wise, many parts of Europe, Asia, and Arabia have been conquered, colonized and ruled for ages by the Africans. Africans had ruled Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Arabian Peninsula, Middle-East and even Greece.”

The author Izu Chigbolumogu in praise of Africans noted that they “ had plied the oceans and high seas at a time very few people in the world ever dreamt of stepping into it. Africans had gone to the Americas before the renowned Columbus Christopher did, and had even gone to far Asia for trade before the time of Christ. They had constructed magnificent structures and buildings when majority of mankind still lived in caves or constructed houses with wood, mud and thatch.”

He further notes that “Counting these things can be tiring, but the truth is that along the line, a fundamental development occurred that the blessings of the Africans turned into a curse. Then their history became rewritten a few centuries ago, a new and untrue history that attributes wickedness, barbarity, corruption, backwardness, inferiority to the once great people. When Africa shall rise again, which they must surely, their past and the present glory of the West, shall be like a speck of dust to the magnitude of their great future. But that great future remains elusive if the people of African will not go beyond their present state of utter ignorance to a more knowledgeable status, as knowledge begets wisdom.”

The ancestors of Africa archived greatness because they were reasonably wise and knowledgeable, but the current Africans have had their minds so controlled that they let their history to be written by outsiders who define them the way they chose to. Most recent Africans ignore the past and their consequence because they think it does not matter, they also dangerously assume that mistakes of today can never be as disastrous as mistakes of the past. But history is interesting because it repeats itself, if the current Africans should continue in the follies of their recent past, then they should be guaranteed that their posterity might never fare any better. Knowledge is power, then the appropriate use of it is supremacy; for one not to know what happened before they were born is to forever remain a child.

Most critical is the way racism has gone deep in the world system, and remember that racism started as a symptom of hatred, guilt, and ignorance of the white imperialists against their subjects. In as much as so much noise has been made to fight racism especially against Africans, Africans have surprisingly become the highest racists in the modern times; most of them automatically feel inferior in the presence of a white fellow. This is reversed racism and Africans are the most perpetrators of this evil against themselves; Africans must as a matter of life and death kill the slavery, ignorance and inferiority inculcated in them in the recent past. When these fundamental defects are rectified, every other thing will most likely fall in place. That’s the narrative.

The author has made a great effort in reliving African history in this book. The book is not the regular boring books of history, but a compelling story that chronicles the birth and growth of African History. Its a must read. Watch out for the offcial launch. coming to stores near you.

Izu Chigbolumogu holds a Bacherlors of Accounting. He is an entrepreneur , Writer, Historian, and social science science researcher, and philanthropist. The Happy Devil has Fallen is his first published book.

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