Perfect blend of ofada rice and agidi jollof


Heheheh! I am giddy with excitement at the thought of the caption of this piece, so let me laugh myself before you all start laughing at me. I am sure many would say "Ojisi ibia kwa ozo". Ojisi there you go again. Don't worry, I am not prescribing a new recipe for the kitchen.

Now back to the matter on ground. Some time ago, I shared with you the Dance approach to relationship and marriage, now I want to share another hence my choice heading. Please be patient and read through first.

Now it is no news that the configuration of man and woman is different but when blended well in every relationship, the result is beautiful. We have established that using the dance analogy. I have always held that a relationship is like a dinner table set with rich food made of different spices where people come with varying degrees of appetite and looks to get satisfied.

For Instance.

The man.

Remember the famous Abakaliki rice? Produced in Ebonyi State  South East Nigeria, the major feature of it is the Stones  inherent in it. Yes, the man is likened to such. No matter how well you pick, sieve and blow, you must still find some stones. This is the uniqueness of that Brand. Ask those who enjoy Ofada rice. Ofada rice is rice cooked in leaves and eaten with stew fried in Palm Oil and enjoyed mostly in the South West. I love that meal.

The Woman

If you love "Agidi Jollof", (pap cake made from corn, but with added spices to make it tasty), then you would understand the nature of the woman for no Agidi Jollof is complete without the usual biscuit bone.

Agidi Jollof is made up of varying spices but the most concealed is the bone in it. Hence the truism in the South African proverb "strike a woman, strike a rock".  Without the bone, the "Jollofness"  in the Agidi is lost and it is merely just Agidi.

From the above illustration No matter how well you think you have groomed your man, you would still find some unsavoury acts. Again no matter how beautiful and tender, sweet and luscious your woman appears, there is the rock within, deal with it. No partner is complete!  No Mr. Right neither is there a Miss Perfect!

It is cooperation that makes the pot of rice rise plentifully during cooking. Understanding , trust, sacrifice,  cooperation, effective communication is key to lasting relationship.

First understand the need for the Stones in your Ofada rice, discover and love the bone in your Agidi Jollof but most Importantly, appreciate the distinct flavour that your blend produces.

May your appetite be strong, your spices be tasty and may your dance be for a life time! 

Speaker, Compere, Volunteer. 
I hink it! Believe it! Work at it! Achieve it!

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