What do you do when you become too familiar


According to the Yoruba people, South West Nigeria,  "Ìbàjẹ́ ènìyàn kò lè dá iṣẹ́ Olúwa dúró” - Man's wickedness can't stop God's work plan. [Keep moving undeterred; God's plan can't be stopped] 
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This is quite apt in our world today, where man's wickedness, envy, jealousy, bickering and unhealthy rivalry and familiarity is rife.

Many a times, we take people for granted because they are either family or friends that have become buddies that we have become too familiar with. These people have made contributions to our lives but we continue to down play them because we have become so used to them.

Charity they say begins at home and if we can't honor and celebrate our own, then we are really ungrateful beings and nothing short of that. Never ever get so used to people that you always take them for granted. No doubt, familiarity breeds contempt.

People do more, give more and dedicate themselves to your cause if they get the motivation of Recognition, honor and celebration due to them. This is the simple rule you need to know if you must increase employee performance to meet organizational productivity! Even if it is there responsibility to get it done, appreciate them for doing it when it is done.

On the other side; sometimes when people take you for granted, it is because they love and value you so much without knowing how best to express it. A Nigerian Pidgin proverb says “na pikin wey pesin like na him dem dey send message” – you don’t send an enemy on an errand. Many times too, it is out of sheer jealousy.Thus it is always our duty to always let the person[s] taking us for granted, see how valuable we are. We must first value ourselves right because it how we value ourselves that is how others will value us.

So when you experience the many untoward actions which signify man's inhumanity to man - over familiarity, don't give up, rather be firm in your belief in God. "Your help comes from the name of the Lord who made Heaven and earth"...

Always remember "Igi tí Ọlọ́run bá gbìn, kò sẹ́ni tó lè fàá tu "-- No man can uproot a tree planted by God. [If it is from God, it is assured]

Even if God is too familiar with you, it is because your case is before him and believe he does not treat it with contempt, rather he is always making sure you are content.

Price yourself right, and no one can price you down.


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful ad, this is so important in Health, economic and financial upliftment of individuals in every community, a lot of people are keen to accepting what other group of people deem befitting to them and neglect what they have around them, we tend to idolize people with name, fame and great social standard but we fail to accept and give chances to those close to us who when given opportunity by we the so called friends will grow faster than the weed in a raining season, let's all put effort in helping our friends, neighbors and immediate colleagues grow coz it's easier for us to grow that way too, pay your friends for their professional job they do for you, advertise their product, speak good and recommend them