Why you must not base your marriage on someone's model


Think big, start small, put your best foot forward! I am sure we are familiar with those words of advice by motivational speakers cum mentors. Well, they are right but its not only limited to enterprise development, it extends into relationships.

In truth, relationship(s) offers a broad spectrum with regards to emotions, actions, needs, desires, expressions, knowledge and the likes. Hence one must be prepared to step into it with caution, taking it one step at a time. Rushing into a relationship would mean rushing out too quickly, (remember GIGO?) it becomes even painful when it is already at the marriage level.

That we have a problem in our society today is a consequence of failed marriages occasioned by faulty relationships (rushed marriages). This is the bane of our societal ills. For if the family is right, then the nation will prosper.

It is said that men are moved by what they see, women by what they hear. So what moves  you? What makes you take that step forward?

The tonic to every relationship lies with the partners involved. Consider this quote by Oscar Wilde ‘stop trying to be another person, everyone else has been taken‘. This is evident in the growing rate of copycats among us. ‘Oh Emeka just Ify a new Range Rover sport; can‘t you see how much love Amanda is showering on Mike‘ Should ours be different?


Both of you are distinct so let your uniqueness come to play in the building process.

Following from our discussions on this platform this month, I have some posers for us this week.

1. Are there any gains in relationships?
2. How long should one be in a relationship before asking permission to move to the next level (engagement).
3. What is the extent of commitment by both partners, who should love more?
4. Can a lady take her guy out, pay for the bills?
5. Must all relationships end in marriage?


Speaker, Compere, Volunteer. 
Think it! Believe it! Work at it! Achieve it! 

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  1. This is a lovely piece i wud take my time to digest every word. Cheers