Why you must always dare to be Naked!


“Young people are known for their beauty, intelligence, creativity, exuberance, vigor, innovation, energy etc”. Benedict XVI. One major trait of this amazing generation is the penchant for nakedness! Hmmmm, I got your minds moving towards a direction right?

Yes, I mean not the nakedness of nudity, but the nakedness of honesty, of transparency, of ingenuity, of knowledge and I dare say of integrity! In my short stay on earth I have encountered young adults who continue to be naked in all they do.

Image result for images for naked truthThey say the youths are the future Leaders, but I say, some have started leading because of their nakedness! If we must get things right, many more young people need to joy the growing throng of naked youths.

Some people believe that being sexy is the new intelligence, hence they construe nakedness [nudity] as the new art. Little wonder we find our young people always wanting to be without clothes or even with the least clothes possible [they blame it on climate change, after all, the weather is too hot these days].

In Nigeria, there is a bill currently before the National Assembly, seeking to reduce the age of contesting for political office. The #NotTooYoungToRun Bill is gathering momentum among the youthful population said to be quite high in Nigeria. But ask yourself, why would this even be considered in the first place?

The answer is not far fetched. It is because of the efforts of the few who continue to dare to be naked as young people. They are the game changers, change agents; they demand accountability from their governments and leaders, they are entrepreneurs, social innovators and solution providers, the never say never team; team possibility, team integrity.

Oh yes! There are many young people whose sole aim is to see Nigeria great again by their actions. I dare say I am one of such people. That is the NAKED TRUTH!!

We must stand up for what is right, just and true. We must ensure we push beyond our limit, because we never know how strong we are until we reach within to seek for inner strength! The future isn’t tomorrow, the future starts NOW!

I challenge you, dare to be Naked!!! 


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