Why you must focus on little things to achieve greatness, lessons from the birds


Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid - French Proverb

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I am sure we all remember the scripture passage “despise not the days of humble beginnings“. Yes, the days of little beginnings are quite important for major endings.

Often, people are quick say think Globally, act locally but for my good friend Chinonso Arubayi, it is “Think Big, Start Small and Put Your Best Foot Forward“. We lack such mentality in our world today!

Today, we live in FAST world; fast cars, fast food, fast, fast track, fast schools, fast money, fast marriages and even fast churches! It is world where even Fast has been described as an attitude.  Little wonder a firm would boldly say that “at 24 you already late in making that million“. What is the moral in it?

Do you know that it takes 120 drops of water to fill a teaspoon. Can u imagine?

When we focus on small start ups, it affords us the opportunity evaluate our progress. The real beauty of success lies in the fact that your steps can be traced by someone else and achieve similar or nearly similar results.

Have u ever heard of “The Story Behind the Dash?  It reminds us that both our birth and death days are not as important as the DASH in between.

Therefore, NEVER take things for granted. Even the Bible says you can only be entrusted with great things if you have excelled in little things. 

Many of us fail to make headway in life because we are always looking out for the big things! We expect dramatic turnouts that would leave us in awe! Nah! That is not the attitude!! On the road to success, every thing counts no matter how small it may appear!

Focusing on small things helps us know ourselves; plan and execute goals, draw strength for the work ahead. It helps in giving direction and motivation.

The ability to take note of little things means that you obviously cannot miss out bigger things.

Image result for Images for birds building a nest

The bird must make its nest for its young. That is the big vision; but then it cannot carry all the twigs needed to make the nest at once . So what does it do? It takes the twigs one after the other and at the end it makes up the nest. hence Poco a poco el pájaro hace su nido [the Spanish translation sounds sweetly] little by little the bird makes its nest.

Like the bird, learn to break big tasks into smaller ones so that they become easy to achieve.


Start NOW!!!

God‘s grace!


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