Our children, our teachers and nature.


I love to be around children simply because they animate me and help think less of the complexities of adult life. Their sweet fragrance, sincere laughter, playful nature coupled with their heart wrenching ululations all make for a complete package. 

Among my three sisters, I have 3 nephews and 3 nieces and I feel proud to be a 6 Star Uncle. My 3rd nephew André and 3rd niece Koby teach me a lot with regards to how learning from kids can improve our adult life.
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You see, kids lead simple lives and this is what God had called us to do. Technology should make life more simplified rather than hard!

Children help us appreciate better the wonders of our world despite its pollution. Kids can bring us closer to nature, help us appreciate more our maker. Kids are gifts from God and must be truly appreciated.

Now it begs the question, if kids are these heart warming and joy bringers, why would anyone think of denying them the right to life? Stop now and have a rethink, what if I were aborted, would you read this piece from me? What if you were aborted, would you enjoy the comfort of technology?

Every child deserves a shot at life and it is the duty of every parent(s) to ensure that they are well catered for, and enjoy quality education and grow up to become great citizens of our world.

If he who finds a wife has found a good thing, then they who are blessed with children have found treasures to last a lifetime.

Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be!

Morning prayer
Here I am, Lord. I am so grateful to be your child. Help me to find my treasure in you. Thank you for your desire to bless me. I choose to receive the grace that comes from following you. Help me to experience your power at work in me as I  pray. Heal me, change me, fill me with your love. Teach me how to love people as you love me. Remind me throughout the day to look for opportunities to share your love with the people around me. Amen.
Good morning
Have a lovely day.

Speaker, Compere, Volunteer
Think it! Believe it! Work at it! Achieve it!

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