Why a laundry man needs a woman that prays!


Hi there! its another Monday, and today on Ojisi's Oxygen I serve you this!

A Chinese proverb says "Iron and rust are always together. But Iron can't get rusted if it is in use".

The skills we possess can only become better and fluid if we put them to constant use. You can't have gifts and talents and not use them, it would become corrosive. ‘I get am before no be property’, is a widely used slang used mostly among Nigerian youths to show something once held but lost.
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We have gifts, skills and talents simply because God wants us to put them to good use - personal edification, good of our neighbours and for the glory of God. You can’t have an asset and not put it to use, depreciation would set in. Use your gifts, lest it becomes useless. Dear brother, activate the power in you!

But then, an African proverb states thus; “You can tell who a lazy man is from his work”. Studies have shown that those who do the dishes properly have high organizational skills. May I add that if you wash your clothes, either manually or through a washing machine, chances are that you will grow in patience, organizational skills, multi-tasking and critical analysis.

How you may ask?

Well, it takes patience to wash, no matter the quantity. The first rule of washing is sorting and grouping. This is organization at work. If you wash with your hands, then you are developing problem solving skills because you want to make sure it comes out clean. If you use a washing machine, you can Multi Task. This is typical of a man’s life. He must first understand his purpose in life and the path he must follow to achieve that purpose.

He must get his hands dirty in and his head buried in work to become successful. In the midst of all comes the demands or I dare\say distractions from family, friends, the society and pressures from work. This is where he needs that woman who prays. Either she is a girlfriend, a fiancée or a wife. Your mother can be holding forth for you, but believe me dear brothers, you need your own general for she is someone else Commander in Prayers!

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Now you see the woman that prays is a solid rock for her husband and family. She is the General who leads the fight against the invading enemies of the home. The woman that prays is a sure asset for her man and husband; she is as Scriptures says a boon twice over. She is his most prized possession. If you have seen the movie War Room, then you will truly understand why the laundry man needs a woman that prays!

The woman that prays is however, limited in circulation. She is more indulging in worldly pleasures and social validations. Oh how gladdening it is for a man when he finds the woman that prays. The woman that prays speaks peace, prosperity, happiness, increase, stability, understanding, and breakthrough into her man's life so he can be blessed.

When the man goes about multi tasking, sorting, organizing and critically analyzing things all in a bid to make more money to cater for the family thereby deploying the laundry man skills, he needs a General at home. He needs his General to always from the War Room, re energize him with strategies, uphold him with more armor, nourish him with more rations, tend his wounds, boost his morale and ensure he is victorious in his many battles as a laundry man.

The woman that prays makes up for the lapses and weakness of her man. When it was said in the Bible, "he who finds a wife has found a good thing", it speaks more about the woman that prays. Dear brothers, if you want to succeed as a laundry man, then find the woman that prays for she shall quicken your success.

Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim Ummah! to the ladies, pray hard for your men!


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