How to enjoy your relationship.


How exciting and fun is your relationship or marriage? Dull, passive or "just there"?  Why so? Perhaps because you have failed to see it from a different perspective - dance.
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Yes dance! 

It takes two to tango, to waltz, to salsa, to chacha and rumba. The Beauty of the Atilogwu and Bata dances is in the collective display of scintillating and exquisite steps. So it is with the couple dance. Marriage or relationship is a dance between two partners and the aim of every dance is to have fun no matter the rewards promised after. 

Every partner comes to the floor with a unique blend of style, movements, gestures and even costumes.
Once they meet on the dance floor, they combine their separate moves into one fluid, gracious, exhilarating and fantastic combo. That is why they are partners. 

In the course of the dance, toes are stepped on, wrong moves are made, the routine temporarily forgotten but does that signify the end of the dance? Nay! 

They stop, both looking at each other, one smilingly apologetic and the other lovingly accepting. What happens next is truly fun! They both dust off the pain and set back and gracefully entangle themselves to continue with the fun, but now with even more fervor, passion, dexterity, elegance and a renewed commitment to focus - having learned from their mistake.

Every relationship is a potpourri of Love, forgiveness, expectations, disappointments, Ups and downs, joys and sorrows but like the dance, both partners are expected to work it out and enjoy the flow, the beats, the sequence. 

Choosing the right dance partner is important but helping that partner to learn the routine and move with the rhythm, now that's fantastic and will sure make for a most memorable time on the dance floor. 

So When next your relationship is facing thorny issues, look to your partner and as  Can I have this dance"?  You would be amazed at how fun it would be. 


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